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10 Benefits for employees working from home

Natalie Moore | 16th March 2021 | Blog
Working from home

As the prospect of the end of lockdown draws near we wanted to focus on some of the positives, especially given the unprecedented events of 2020.

The Mansfield Monk team secured several significant and prestigious projects during the pandemic. This not only provided us with ample work but also gave us the opportunity to work with some really nice clients on varied and interesting briefs – we’re looking forward to showing you the results throughout the year as these projects finish!

Like many businesses throughout the pandemic we’ve learnt to be more agile in the way that we work, benefitting both our clients and our team. By enabling our staff to work flexibly from home we’ve been able to fulfil our deadlines and avoid furloughing personnel. And what have been the benefits to employees?

We asked the MM Team what they felt were the positives of working from home were and here’s what they shared:

1. “There’s no commute so less stressed and tired!”
2. “I get to see snapshots of my son growing up through my working day, whereas I wouldn’t normally see him till bath time “
3. “Spending more time with family in the evenings”
4. “The ability to break away from the desk and have a fresh air walk, especially during winter when the days were short.”
5. “I am more concentrated with quiet work for deadlines – more efficient”
6. “Flexibility – I’m able to spread the hours out throughout the day beyond school hours if needed.”
7. “I’m getting my monies worth out of my internet!”
8. “More time to do exercise”
9. “Better productivity due to fewer distractions at home and having the opportunity to work into the evenings and at weekends when required.”
10. “Our current working situation is better for the environment with fewer car emissions”

At Mansfield Monk we a focused on the needs of our employees, especially in these unchartered times. It is important for us to look after our wellbeing of our team and these statements are a testament to this approach!