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At home with Hygge

Natalie Moore | 4th December 2020 | Blog
Blog - At home with Hygge

Don’t just make your home office practical, make it hygge! It may be a long Covid Winter but why not make the best of it and create an environment that makes you feel calm and cosy? Here’s our favourite items to make a home office a cosy retreat from the outside world:


Frovi Box Desk

With a compact design the Box Desk from Frovi is perfect for when you don’t have much room to play with and you can even close it to hide the clutter at the end of the day.

Blog - At home with Hygge, Frovi desk


Frovi Picket Desk

Also from Frovi is the discreet, scandi looking Picket Desk which comes with a felt screen for privacy and acoustic benefits.

Blog - At home with Hygge, Frovi desk


Wendlebo Mango Chair

Inspired by mangoes, The Mango Chair from Wendlebo is a soft, comfortable chair ideal for creating a hygge corner in your home office.

Blog - At home with Hygge, Mango chair


Nicholai Wiig Hansen Night Owl Lamp

No hygge space is complete without a warm, cosy glow. That’s why we love this unique lamp from Fritz Hansen.

Blog - At home with Hygge, Night Owl lamp


Bolia Calice Tealight

And you can never have too many candles and tealights! These bubble shaped candle holders from Bolia can also be used as vases.

Blog - At home with Hygge, Bolia tealight


Skandium Objects Cushion – Yellow rectangle

Designed by Arne Jacobsen, the earthy tones of this ochre cushion combined with its softness can make any space feel hygge.

Blog - At home with Hygge, Fritz Hansen cushion


Nordic Knots Jute Cross Rug

“That rug really tied the room together” and this functional, minimalist rug will add some Scandinavian hygge to your home office.

Blog - At home with Hygge, Nordic Knots Jute rug


Cecile Manz Earthenware Round Vase

No hygge space is complete without decorative earthenware like these round vases from Fritz Hansen.

Blog - At home with Hygge, Cecilie Manz vase


Mantas Ezcaray Serenity Blanket

This beautiful mohair and wool blend blanket is sure to keep you warm while you sit at your desk .

Blog - At home with Hygge, Mantas Ezcaray Serenity Blanket


Humanscale Element Disk Desk Light

Perfect for concentrated working or reading, this lamp from Humanscale is adjustable and has seven levels of brightness so you can make your desk space as intimate or bright as you need.

Blog - At home with Hygge, Humanscale Element lamp


Basalt & Dune Thomas Hot Water Bottle

Nothing says ‘hygge’ more than a hot water bottle on a cold day! This soft, handknitted one is made in Hampshire from 100% UK lambswool.

Blog - At home with Hygge, Thomas hot water bottle

Throughout December, we hope to spread some joy by exploring the Danish concept ‘Hygge’, this is the first of 4 blogs that we will be featuring.

If you are looking for ways to improve your home or office environment, speak to our team of architects and designers to find out how to make the most of your space, we’d love to hear from you!