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Back to the office

Natalie Moore | 9th December 2020 | Blog
Blog - Back to the office

Bring some hygge to the office! Helping staff to feel more at home can provide a stress-free reintegration to office life making them more content and productive. See our top picks to create an environment that promotes comfort and well being:


Ahrend Charge

Based on a modular system, the Charge Collection from Ahrend provides comfortable and secluded seating allowing staff to leave their desks and work elsewhere or just take a moment to refocus.

Blog - Back to the office, Ahrend Charge Chair


Ahrend Loungescape Powernap

A short nap can boost productivity and enable staff to be more focused – the Loungescape Powernap is perfect for a quick recharge.

Blog - Back to the office, Ahrend Loungescape Powernap


Ahrend Embrace Collection

This soft and supportive lounge collection blurs the lines between home and work furniture creating a hygge space for meet ups, quiet time or making calls.

Blog - Back to the office, Ahrend Embrace Sofa


Hay Bonbon Shade

These handwoven, textured Bonbon shades from Ana Kraš, available as table/floor lamps or pendants, will lend your office a warm, residential feel.

Blog - Back to the office, Hay Bonbon Lamp


Nanimarquina Blend Rug

Nothing adds a touch of home like a rug. The soft colours and simplistic design of these hand woven rugs from Nanimarquina will give your office some hygge.

Blog - Back to the office, Haus Nanimarquina Rug


Bolia Como Coffee Table

From the home of hygge come these simple and elegant coffee tables which unite Danish craftmanship and Scandinavian design.

Blog - Back to the office, Como Coffee Table


Innerspace Cheshire Natureverde Planters

Bring some biophilic joy to the workplace with these planters from Innerspace Cheshire. A sustainable alternative to faux flowers they are 100% natural yet require no watering or light.

Blog - Back to the office, Innerspace Cheshire Natureverde Planter


Hay Dot Cushion

A design classic the Dot cushion comes in various finishes. Our favourite is the sumptuous velvet to give a cosy, homelike ambience to the office.

Blog - Back to the office, Hay Dot Cushion


Lapuan Kankurit Uni Pocket Shawl

For those with an aversion to the office air conditioning system we’ve got just the thing! The pocket shawl will keep you so warm and snug at your desk you’ll feel right at home.

Blog - Back to the office, Lapuan Kankurit Uni Pocket Shawl


Offecct Shift Wood High Chair

The rounded shape and low seat of this chair will give any office the impression of a more homely and hygge space.

Blog - Back to the office, Offecct Shift Wood High Chair

Throughout December, we hope to spread some joy by exploring the Danish concept ‘Hygge’, this is the second of four blogs that we will be featuring.

If you are looking for ways to improve your home or office environment, speak to our team of architects and designers to find out how to make the most of your space, we’d love to hear from you!