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Bang on trend!

Natalie Moore | 16th April 2018 | Blog
#MMInColour2018 - colour chart

As part of our celebration of colour we’re looking at future trends through 2018. Who better to guide us through this than the team at Pantone, major influencers on the subject of colour forecasting!

Meeting every year the team from Pantone Color Institute come together to forecast colour trends two years in advance. No easy task, the ‘colour planner’ books produced from these discussions take inspiration from film, art, music, books, anything that might give an indication of where colour is headed. Interestingly, colours connect with the zeitgeist of the time; it has been noted for instance that grey became such a popular colour in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

So, let’s have a look at what’s going to be hot this year…


#MMInColour 2108 - The 'resourceful' palette

The ‘resourceful’ palette

Combining warm and cool tones this palette is made up of orange and blue colours that compliment but have real impact. This palette speaks of innovation yet allows people to use what they already have with easily found colours.




#MMInColour 2108 - The 'Discretion' palette

The ‘Discretion’ palette

A subtle, harmonious palette, Discretion features a stronger variation of the hugely popular colour pink, Hawthorne Rose, and shades of purple with Elderberry and Burnished Lilac to express a sense of decorum and modest luxury.




#MMInColour 2108 - The 'Playful' palette

The ‘Playful’ palette

Unorthodox, bright and fun the Playful palette contains colours with fittingly quirky names; Lime Popsicle, Minion Yellow, Skydiver. This one is sure to have impact on your colour scheme!




#MMInColour 2108 - The 'Verdure' palette

The ‘Verdure’ palette

Symbolic of health this palette showcases natural, vegetal colours and gives a nod to the importance of wellbeing in more than just a physical way. Verdure follows on from the popularity of last year’s colour of the year, Greenery.




#MMInColour 2108 - The 'Far-fetched' palette

The ‘Far-fetched’ palette

Embracing many different cultures, Far-fetched combines earthy, warm hues like Cornsilk Yellow with rosy colours Iced Coffee and Ruby Wine.




#MMInColour 2108 - The 'Intensity' palette

The ‘Intensity’ palette

The Intensity palette is an eclectic mix of colours that is all about the drama! Strength, power and sophistication are embodied by intense, deep and bold colours balanced with black and gold.




#MMInColour 2108 - The 'Intricacy' palette

The ‘Intricacy’ palette

Reflecting the popularity of intricate designs this palette features the ‘new neutrals’; the metallics. Adding drama to any scheme the look can be easily achieved using accessories to give a luxe feel.




#MMInColour 2108 - The 'TECHnique' palette

The ‘TECHnique’ palette

Inspired by the fast-paced growth of technology this palette features colours that “shine from within” – vibrant blues, fuschia, turquoise and hot pink – too much or just right?