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Commercial to residential

Natalie Moore | 25th September 2023 | Blog
Commercial to residential blog

Much has been made of the ‘resimercial’ movement; the introduction of more residential style furniture and finishes to the office environment, designed to entice workers back to the office with a home-from-home aesthetic.

But what about all of those amazing products designed for commercial spaces that the residential market are missing out on? Here at MMHQ we want to pass that information back, so here’s a round up of the best office design products that work just as well in the home.

Sustainable surfaces
Looking for a new surfaces product and fancy something less ordinary? How about a worktop with sustainable values – recycled content, ethical and low carbon? British manufacturers now create surfaces from ‘waste ‘ such as single use plastics reused or waste wood from felled trees used to create a terrazzo style worktop. Beautiful, individual surfaces with sustainability at their core.

Commercial to residential blog - Foresso
Try: Foresso

Roller blinds for thermal comfort
The reflective layer of aluminium on these blinds reflects energy before it becomes heat meaning that in the summer spaces are kept cooler. In the winter the same layer works as an insulator, limiting heat loss and keeping the cold out.

Commercial to residential blog - Kvadrat
Try: Kvadrat thermal blinds

Carpet tiles
Office carpet tiles for have come a long way! With so many mix and match patterns and textures on the market it’s possible to create your own carpet with bespoke pattern or inlay rug effect. The best thing about using carpet tiles? Any stubborn spills or stains can be remedied with a change to only one tile rather replacing a whole carpet!

Commercial to residential blog - Interface
Try: Interface

Cork wall panels
Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and created using recycled cork these wall panels have natural thermal and acoustic properties. Their shape means they can be rotated to make any number of unique compositions allowing you to create a individual artwork wall.

Commercial to residential blog - Corkbee
Try: Corkbee

Moss wall
Aside from benefits such as removing toxins form the air and reducing noise levels, moss walls feed our human instinct to connect with nature, improving our overall wellbeing and reducing stress levels. Where floor space is restricted, such as a smaller flat, a moss wall is an ideal space saver and is maintenance free; the perfect way to add some greenery to your space.

Commercial to residential blog - Innerspace Cheshire
Try: Innerspace Cheshire

Circadian lighting
Circadian lighting is the concept of using artificial light to supplement natural light that follows our sleep/wake cycle. The principle involves mimicking daylight colour temperature and intensity changes ie cooler, stronger lighting in the middle of the day for alertness and warmer colour temperatures in the evening for winding down. This attention to the quality of light can improve emotional wellbeing, sleep quality and our ability to perform daytime activities.

Commercial to residential blog - Atrium
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