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Meet the pets

Natalie Moore | 8th February 2022 | Blog
Blog - Meet the Pets

Working from home may have had its challenges at times but one of the positives has been the time that we spent with our pets.
They may have struggled with our constant presence at first (cats) or been delighted with the extra time together (dogs) but their companionship has helped us through the pandemic and helped to reduce our stress levels!

Here’s a look at the some of the MM team’s furry pals that brightened our WFH days:

Hayley – Andrew Waudby

Blog - Meet the Pets

Likes: Going on walks
Meeting people and other dogs
Eating things she shouldn’t

Dislikes: Having her feet cleaned after a muddy walk
Being left alone
Drawing on AutoCAD 😉

Charlie – John Monk

Blog - Meet the Pets

Likes: Sitting on the home office desk and look out of the window – just watching the world go by
Laying on your keyboard when you are trying to work!
Chasing round the house with his favourite ping pong ball

Dislikes: Being in the car on his way to the vets – normally involves lots of howling
The ginger tom which has moved in across the road and likes to explore his territory
Any food which is actually good for him – he would live on Dreamie treats if he could

Honey – Lee Chater

Blog - Meet the Pets

Likes: Stones/sticks
Giving suffocating cuddles
Sitting on Lee’s lap when he’s working

Dislikes: Paws being dried

Merla – Vicki Thompson

Blog - Meet the Pets

Likes: Leaving half eaten mice on the doorstep
Pretending she wants to go out when in fact she just wants feeding
Sleeping on freshly washed very light coloured bed linen

Dislikes: Being held – which is really annoying!
Other cats in her garden
Children’s birthday parties!!!

Harry – Paul Wren

Blog - Meet the Pets

Likes: Going out the front!
The C word (Chicken)
The red bag (Maltesers but only as a very special treat)

Dislikes: Fireworks
Other dogs daring to walk past his house
Having a bath

Boomer – Natalie Moore

Blog - Meet the Pets

Likes: Tarting around enticing passers by to stroke her belly
Inspecting the neighbour’s homes to check everything is in order
Putting every other cat in it’s place despite her diminutive size

Dislikes: Other friendly cats stealing her limelight
Small, fast moving things being alive
Not being fed every 15 minutes