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Our new agile workspace

Vicki Thompson | 27th May 2022 | News
MMHQ office refurbishment

Mansfield Monk have been industry colleagues of mine long before I became part of the family in September 2020, so I knew the team well, but when I joined the company as Office Manager in the height of the pandemic, the team were working from home and my employment doubled the number of staff attending the office to the grand total of two, it felt a bit weird to say the least. How, as a new member of staff do you bond with a team via your monitor? How do you maintain that great camaraderie? What do you miss about actually interacting with your colleagues in person, and how do we rebuild all that when that ‘return to the office’ date arrives?

Agile work space

Like many, the past two years had seen the Mansfield Monk team adapt to a new ‘normal’ and so I don’t think we were on our own when the prospect of staff returning to the office actually raised a few concerns. How would everyone feel? Where would we hold all these Teams and Zoom calls? I’m not used to all this noise and where are all my proper work clothes and why don’t they fit?! It was time to rethink our space, how we use it, and how could we make it work better for both our individual needs, and our new requirements as a team. Luckily, we knew just the people to help………..

Agile work space

A previously a sub-let office within our building combined with our existing office have been transformed into new and re-explored workspaces. We have created multiple use places of work, to work, that work! As a team we now have available areas to collaborate away from those who may need a more hushed environment. A flexible space to focus, be creative and inspired, draw, write, pin (thank you Squiggleglass and Lintex). Join colleagues to suggest and to rest, we can meet, greet, and eat, and we do…… although I’m still working on ‘Pizza Friday’!

Collaborative work space

Thanks to our friends at Optima, and the replacement of our existing partitions with a modernised acoustic metal and glazed system, Kvadrat for our beautiful acoustic panels and NeuxPark for your refurbishment expertise, we now also have available the privacy and sound proofing needed for those plentiful online meetings, or to steal a quiet moment when needed. Also, a huge thanks to the team at Ethos Interiors for helping us with all things furniture!

Office refurbishment green wall

Our new collaborative workspace embodies the very essence of the word and could not have been achieved without the help of our industry suppliers, colleagues, and friends. Thank you all, feel free to pop in anytime, you’ll be pleased to learn the camaraderie continues.

Collaborative working

With thanks to suppliers: Billi, Cosentino, Corkbee, Ethos, Innerspace Cheshire, Kvadrat, Lintex, Milliken, NeuxPark, Solus Ceramics, Squiggleglass, 299 Lighting, Loughton Contracts, NES Solutions

Residential accessories in an office setting

Accessories from: Nordic Nest, Made, Dunelm, John Lewis, SKLUM, Etsy, Oliver Bonas, West ElmTrouva, Just Artificial, PrimroseYMCA

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