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Our top ten Hygge products

Natalie Moore | 17th December 2020 | Blog
Blog - Our top ten hygge products

Still feeling hygge shy? Here’s our top ten products for the coziest work / home life balance this Winter:


1. Bolia Work From Home Collection

A home office shouldn’t just be a functional space, give it some hygge with this collection of designs that will make your space feel tranquil yet inspiring.

Blog - Our top ten hygge products, Bolia Work From Home Collection


2. Folk Interiors Bloomingville Cushion

Somewhere between scandi and boho these cushions will make any workplace feel more cosy and homely.

Blog - Our top ten hygge products, Folk Interiors Cushion


3. Fritz Hansen Lune sofa

The curvaceous Lune sofa is a great piece to create a more hygge ambience in the office. It’s soft lines, Nordic style and comfortable seats can make any area feel like home and the modular design means that it can fit any space.

Blog - Our top ten hygge products, Fritz Hansen Lune Sofa


4. Earl of East Candles

Is there anything more guaranteed to make a space feel more hygge than candles? Earl of East hand poured candles will give your work area a cosy glow and leave it smelling fantastic.

Blog - Our top ten hygge products, Earl of East Candle


5. Abigail Ahern Faux Botanicals

Whether it’s in the home or office, plants can improve our mood and make a space more beautiful but we don’t all have the ability to keep them alive! Enter the amazingly realistic faux botanicals from Abigail Ahern – a stunning but low maintenance option.

Blog - Our top ten hygge products, Abigail Ahern Faux Botanicals


6. Connection Hygge chair

Based on the concept of hygge this range is designed to hug the user and create a cosy and intimate feeling in the office, great for informal meetings or a chance to spend a bit of time away from the desk.

Blog - Our top ten hygge products, Connection Hygge Chair


7. Buster and Punch Machined Brass Vase

Creating objects of beauty comes naturally to this company and their machined brass vase is no exception. Guaranteed to make any space more enviable!

Blog - Our top ten hygge products, Buster & Punch Vase


8. Viggo Boesen Little Petra chair

If there is a cosier product than this we haven’t seen it – this award winning chair was designed over 80 years ago. The low, comfortable seat embraces and combined with the soft sheepskin makes for the ideal hygge corner chair.

Blog - Our top ten hygge products, &Tradition Little Petra Chair


9. Marset FollowMe Plus Lamp

Portable and rechargeable, the FollowMe Plus lamp has a warm and inviting glow and can be used indoors or outdoors, at the office or at home. In fact this versatile lamp will add some hygge wherever you go.

Blog - Our top ten hygge products, Follow Me Lamp


10. Love Liga Earthware

Love Liga, based in Cornwall, produce lots of fantastic eco-friendly products but to complement a hygge space we love the sustainable cork earthware.

Blog - Our top ten hygge products, Liga Pottery


Throughout December, we hope to spread some joy by exploring the Danish concept ‘Hygge’, this is the third of four blogs that we will be featuring.

If you are looking for ways to improve your home or office environment, speak to our team of architects and designers to find out how to make the most of your space, we’d love to hear from you!