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For all private landlords are you ready for the new minimum energy efficiency standards?

Lee Chater | 4th December 2017 | Blog
Blog - Lee

All privately rented commercial and domestic properties as of the 1st April 2018, that are legally required* to have an Energy Performance Certificate will need to meet the minimum rating of E and above. Therefore it is wise for landlords with properties that fall below the minimum requirement to start preparing for the 1st April 2018 in order to secure future rentals. Contact us at Mansfield Monk Ltd to see how we can help you prepare in advance for these requirements.

The new EPC regulation imposed by the Department for Energy & Climate Change will apply to any new lets and renewals of tenancies on this date. It will become unlawful to rent a property which breaches the requirement for a minimum E rating, unless there is an applicable exemption already in place. The majority of private landlords who currently have properties that fall within the F or G rating on the standard EPC, will be in breach of the new Regulations and carry penalties up to £5,000 for domestic properties and £150,000 for commercial.

Energy Performance Certificates apply to a property that is built, sold or rented. EPC must be in place before renting or selling a property. The EPC contains information about the property’s energy use, typical energy costs and recommendations on how to reduce the energy use and save money. EPC ratings go from A – G (being the least efficient), are valid for a 10 year period and can only be carried out by an accredited assessor.

Further information on Energy Performance Certificates can be found here:

*See further reading on properties legally required to have an Energy Performance Certificate, via Residential Landlords Association website or where the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy have released guidance for domestic and non-domestic landlords.