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Supporting neurodiversity in the workplace

Gaynor Taylor | 3rd November 2022 | Blog
Neurodiversity in the workplace

According to The University of Edinburgh, nearly 15% of the UK population are neurodivergent. This includes autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, Tourettes and other related differences. Recognising and supporting this diversity can have a positive impact on the workplace for all employees; reducing stress levels and improving productivity across the board. And those companies that make the effort to attract and nurture neurodiverse talent can gain a competitive edge with an increased range of skills such as problem solving, hyper focus, attention to detail, creativity and innovation.

While every neurodiverse employee is unique, there are some recognised adjustments, such as flexible workspaces, which create a more equal and inclusive workplace. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Designing spaces which provide a feeling of connection to nature can improve wellbeing and create calming restorative spaces.

Recognising neurodiversity in the workplace

Relaxation chair
Pebble poufs for sitting / lounging and to provide a biophilic element
Voile curtains for privacy
Colours and textures to aid relaxation
Biomorphic shaped cork wall panels
Subdued lighting


Spaces to promote relaxation and power napping can relieve stress and boost productivity. Isolation from the working environment is key to the restorative process.

Recognising neurodiversity in the workplace

Powernap unit (include music and massage options)
Low table light / aroma diffuser
Voile curtain to provide privacy
Colours and textures to aid relaxtion
Biophilic elements
Subdued, dimmable lighting
Carpets to create a softer texture / feel


Ad hoc spaces and places around the office floor to encourage people to detach themselves from their normal working environment for short spells of time to re-group,
re-charge and re-focus.

Recognising neurodiversity in the workplace

Personal workspace chair
Quiet pods with soft seating and ambient lighting
Biomorphic forms to provide a connection with forms in the natural world
Semi-enclosed relaxation and informal meeting spaces
Green spaces to create a connection with nature


If you’d like to improve your workspace for your neurodiverse and neurotypical employees speak to our team of architects and designers on how we can help.
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